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Perfect BROWS just for YOU! 

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Perfect BROWS just for YOU!  NOT required any tools and skills, just step in our salon and we will do the best for YOU! ONLY RM35 to enjoy one time…

Women’s Day Treats! 

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  Women's Day Treats!  Happy Women’s Day this coming March 8! Join bluunis to be Gorgeous and Marvelous which you deserves! Enjoy Skin Harmony Treatment to restore the equilibrium of…

Embrace Your Skin Today!

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Embrace your skin with brightening and nourishing! Receive up to 89.8% discount of our facial treatments to leave your skin feeling fresh. The 24K Facelift adds a healthy glow to your face with gold…

“Brows” Speaks

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"Brows" Speaks! Eyebrows are one of the most distinctive features on one person's face. As a well-groomed eyebrow act to frame the eyes and brighten your appearance. It also said…

Your Skin Protection is on its Way ~

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bluunis Home Delivery is HERE! Knock Knock! Beautiful has arrived. bluunis always stays by your side. We care and protect your skin while you are staying at home. Hurry up,…

New Launch – KIROVITAL

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  New Launch - KIROVITAL Something NEW is awaiting for you! Introducing our new product - KIROVITAL your personal hygiene master designated and produced in Italy. A complete set of…